VAT Origin

Velvet Antler Technologies was founded out of passion and curiosity during the fall 2004 archery season. At that time - our founder and CEO Darrell Gogert - was a professional guide living more than 100 miles from the closest taxidermist. Each season, his biggest concern was about what would happen to the velvet if his client(s) were to harvest an animal. Limited on time and money, he knew he needed to develop something that he could pack with him, apply in the field, see long-lasting results, and not have to deal with sharp needles and harsh chemicals! Furthermore, being the conservationist he is, he wanted to ensure what he used would not pose any dangers to plants or animals if they came in contact with it - unlike the existing methods currently used. Fast forward to 2019; Velvet Antler Technologies has proven to be 100% effective at preserving velvet antlers for more than 15 years, never showing signs of deterioration, hair slip, or cracking. As the years have gone by we have found a need for more and different products to clean and preserve your trophies! These products were developed by a passionate hunter - for the passionate hunter - looking to preserve their memories for a lifetime!