Create Memories that last a lifetime.

Finally, an affordable, safe, DIY solution to preserve your antlers that actually works.

VelvaLok is the ONE and ONLY velvet antler preservative on the market that sets, dries, and preserves natural velvet while getting rid of bugs!

Hey, I'm Darrell.

I'm a lifelong hunter and the creator of VelvaLok.

If you're anything like me - I bet you're sick of spending hundreds of dollars to freeze dry your antlers after your kill. Or worse, using cancer-causing chemicals and crazy solutions to try and preserve your hard work.

After years of thinking to myself..."there's got to be a better way", I decided to go and create it myself.

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How it works:

Preserve antlers in 3 simple steps.

With a mixture of alcohol and our proprietary blend of oils, keeping your antlers safe for years to come has never been easier.

  1. Spray VelvaLok on your antlers
  2. Let dry (72 hours recommended)
  3. Enjoy the memories you made!

With any VAT purchase we provide detailed instructions (both written and video) on tips we've learned to make the process as smooth as possible - but it really is that simple!

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    So easy to use and also works so darn good!
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    We have been using this product for years
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    Worked fantastic.